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The top wedding photography training course certification will introduce candidates to the art of posing, composition,

Wedding Photography


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How to take the best portrait shots, to the way of creating story-telling wedding photography. Join the training to become a pro in wedding photography, a prime career option today.

Course Content

  1. The conventional structure of a wedding day
  2. Art of capturing natural-looking photos
  3. Art of capturing staged photos
  4. Types of equipment
  5. Bridal photograph shooting techniques
  6. Techniques to get the shot ready
  7. Arts of shooting authentic wedding moments
  8. Photographing the groom
  9. Bride-groom couple photography
  10. Poses of couple photography
  11. Art of posing large and small groups in one frame
  12. Confidence build-up for shooting
  13. How to manage wedding lights
  14. How To Merge Macro shots with wedding photography
  15. Art of client servicing

Build a successful business with Wedding Photography

  1. Become a certified wedding photographer
  2. Start your career as a wedding photographer
  3. Learn how to establish your brand
  4. Price and create photography packages that sell
  5. Create a wedding photography website
  6. Build your portfolio
  7. Get your first client
  8. Shoot amazing photos from pre-wedding to the last dance
  9. Know everything about mesmerizing poses for both the couple photoshoot and big groups
  10. Make money as a professional wedding photographer
  11. Learn photo editing with Lightroom and Photoshop
  12. Shoot engagement photos
  13. Learn how to build the perfect equipment kit with cameras, lenses, lights, and extras


  1. Edit with Photoshop
  2. Create stunning Wedding Album design
  3. Before – After Gallery


  1. A DSLR camera
  2. Basic knowledge in photography
  3. Passion to become a professional wedding photographer

Benefits during the course

  1. Guidance from experienced wedding photography professionals
  2. Certified recognition of Wedding Photography
  3. Become a better version of yourself
  4. Guaranteed Placement
  5. Interactions with other fellow photographers
  6. Learn how to work as a professional
  7. Special Class on Mindfulnesss
  8. Special Class on Fitness
  9. Lifetime Support
  10. Hands-on training sessions with the live shoot of a real couple
  11. Get portfolio album

Offer / EMI Facility

Regular Price – ₹30000
Offer Price – ₹25000