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Is your dream to capture the flight of winged flamingos or the sudden brisk movements of wildebeest?

Wildlife Photography


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Join the most comprehensive and best wildlife photography training course certification to feel the essence of wildlife photography.

Course Content

  1. Fundamentals of wildlife photography
  2. Different genres of wildlife photography
  3. Essential wildlife photography equipment
  4. Composition of the best shot
  5. Various shooting techniques
  6. Use of Lens
  7. How to make use of natural lighting
  8. How to grow confidence, ideas, and inspire


  1. Photoshop editing
  2. Create stunning Wildlife Album design
  3. Before – After Gallery


  1. A DSLR camera
  2. Primary knowledge in photography
  3. Love for wildlife photoshoot

Benefits during the course

  1. Guidelines and advice from experienced trainers
  2. Certified recognition
  3. Be your best version
  4. Guaranteed placement by the end of the course
  5. Scope to meet other wildlife photography aspirants
  6. Special Class on Mindfulness
  7. Special Class on Fitness
  8. Lifetime Support
  9. Chance to work on Live Project for better practice
  10. Get portfolio album on wildlife photography

Offer / EMI Facility

Regular Price – ₹10000
Offer Price – ₹12000