Learn Basic Beginner’s Level Photography

Looking for the best beginner’s level photography training courses? Begin with learning the basics of different kinds of cameras and photography to explore your camera and talent.

Basic Photography


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Course Content

  1. Fundamentals of Photography
  2. What is the Exposure Triangle?
  3. Composition of Camera
  4. Different Modes of Camera
  5. Focusing The Object
  6. Different Ideas Of Photography


  1. Adobe Lightroom
  2. Photoshop fundamentals
  3. Before – After Gallery


  1. Possession of a camera. A smartphone camera is acceptable
  2. Passion and Zeal for Photography

Benefits during the course

  1. Learn from experienced photographers
  2. Get certified at the end of the program
  3. Make a better version of yourself
  4. Guaranteed placement
  5. Be a part of the wider photographer community
  6. Lifetime Support
  7. Hands-on learning through Live Project
  8. Get your own exclusive portfolio album done

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Regular Price – ₹7999
Offer Price – ₹5999

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