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The industry-relevant Adobe illustrator training module includes everything from creating infographics, logos, working with layers, to using drawing tools, color palettes, gradient, etc., to create vector graphics.

Course Content

  1. The basic concept of Illustrator
  2. Basic and advanced Illustrator tools
  3. Illustrator techniques
  4. The art of Illustrator
  5. Keyboard shortcuts
  6. Application of color palettes, gradients, blends, warps effects, etc.
  7. how to create vector illustrations
  8. Transformation of photos into vector artwork
  9. Infographics designing
  10. Techniques for preparing graphics for web
  11. Printing of graphics
  12. Logo designing with Illustrator
  13. Create your own Illustrator portfolio


  1. Basic knowledge of Photoshop
  2. Graphic Tablet (Optional)
  3. Passion for learning Illustrator

Benefits during the course

  1. The assistance of experienced trainers
  2. Recognition as an Illustrator expert
  3. Explore your talent and be the best version of yourself
  4. Guaranteed placement
  5. Get acquaintance with other Illustrator enthusiasts
  6. Special Class on Mindfulness
  7. Special Class on Fitness
  8. Lifetime Support
  9. Develop Your own portfolio
  10. Work on Live assignment to master Illustrator

Offer / EMI Facility

Regular Price – ₹10000
Offer Price – ₹8500