Learn How To Design A Logo

How to design a logo?
Have you ever wondered over this thought while seeing amazing brand logos?

Logo Design


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Join the best logo design course training to acquire the special skill and knowledge for designing stunning logos for brands. This expert-designed tutorial equips candidates from sketching to designing logos.

Course Content

  1. Fundamentals of Logo Designing
    1. The basic concept of designing logos.
    2. Why logos are important for brands
    3. How to work with the client
  2. Sketching ideas for logos
    1. How to sketch logo designing ideas
    2. How to come with innovative ideas
    3. Tips to put together ideas of designing logos
  3. Designing
    1. How to design an emblem Logo
    2. How to add charm to your logos
    3. The basic idea of Typography
  4. How to establish individual brands for logo designing
  5. How to get a project
  6. Client management
  7. Live Assignment

Who this course is for

  1. Candidates aspiring to learn about logo designing
  2. Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Designing- recommended


  1. Basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop
  2. A Graphic Tablet (if any)
  3. iPad (recommended)
  4. Zeal for creativity and innovation

Benefits during the course

  1. Training from experienced logo designers
  2. Industry-relevant course module
  3. Achieve recognition
  4. Dig out the best version of yourself
  5. Guaranteed placement
  6. Exchange of ideas among same-minded friends
  7. Special Class on Mindfulness
  8. Special Class on Fitness
  9. Lifetime Support
  10. Live assignment
  11. Get showcase of your portfolio
  12. Start working as a freelancer

Offer / EMI Facility

Regular Price – ₹10000
Offer Price – ₹7000