Learn A to Z Of Typography

The best typography training course equips candidates with the skills and techniques to make use of typefaces and web fonts in a creative form.



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Learn the fundamentals of kerning, the language of web fonts, to how to use typography effectively to make the design more appealing.

Course Content

  1. Fundamentals of Typography
  2. What is advanced Typography?
  3. Typography Scales and Grids
  4. Selection of fonts
  5. Fonts pairing
  6. Variation in the text- how to perform
  7. Dribbble LEVEL Designs
  8. Social media ad design with different fonts
  9. Mobile App Typography
  10. Typography for Web Development
  11. Various Themed Typography practicing
  12. Responsive Typography for Developers
  13. The LEGO Blocks method
  14. Use of Vertical Rhythm in Bootstrap
  15. Book cover design with Typography
  16. Logo Design with Typography
  17. T-Shirt Design with typography
  18. Character Design with Typography
  19. What's new and latest in Typography


T-Shirt Designing With Typography

  1. A Best-Selling T-Shirt Design (topics)
  2. T-Shirt Design With Vectors Graphics
  3. A Comic T-shirt Design
  4. Picture-based Designed T-shirt
  5. T-shirt With Cool Text Effect On It
  6. Colorful Typography T-Shirt
  7. A Slogan-Based T-shirt
  8. Mixed-Shaped T-shirt Design
  9. Fitness T-shirt Design
  10. Stoke Based T-shirt Design
  11. T-Shirt With Illustrator Effect On It
  12. Fast T-Shirt Design Within 1 minute


  1. Basic knowledge in Adobe Photoshop and illustrator
  2. Eager to learn Typography

Benefits during the course

  1. Experienced and industry-knowledgeable trainers
  2. Recognition as a Typography expert
  3. Be your best version
  4. Guaranteed placement
  5. Association of other Typography enthusiasts
  6. Special Class on Mindfulness
  7. Special Class on Fitness
  8. Lifetime Support
  9. Chance to work on a live Typography project

Offer / EMI Facility

Regular Price – ₹17000
Offer Price – ₹15000