Digital Art Course – Beginner To Advanced

Willing to leave a mark of your creativity in the Digital Art industry?

Digital Art – Beginner to Advanced


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Course Content

  1. Fundamentals of Digital Art
  2. Basic techniques of line drawing
  3. Basic techniques of creating simple shapes
  4. The connection between lines and shapes
  5. Use of lines and shapes for drawing images
  6. Digital coloring  and composition
  7. Importance of lighting
  8. How to use filters, selections, adjustments, layer masks, color blending modes, etc.
  9. Conventional and unique art techniques
  10. Shortcut keys
  11. Fundamentals of the digital art software (Photoshop)
  12. Guide to Digital Art with Procreate on iPad


  1. Primary knowledge in Photoshop
  2. A Graphic Tablet (if any)
  3. An iPad (advantageous)
  4. Zeal for learning digital art

Benefits during the course

  1. Industry-oriented course module
  2. Guidelines and advice from experienced trainers
  3. Accreditation of your talent
  4. Be your best version
  5. Guaranteed placement
  6. Quality association of graphic designers
  7. Special Class on Mindfulness
  8. Special Class on Fitness
  9. Lifetime Support
  10. Scope to work on Live Project

Offer / EMI Facility

Regular Price – ₹25000
Offer Price – ₹21000